The ancients said that the warehouse was full then we informed etiquette, food and clothing were enough then we knew the honor and disgrace.When material life is met, people will think about deeper issues.Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid economic development, along with environmental pollution, haze and other issues, people are increasingly aware of the excessive access to the natural environment caused by the harm.Because of Aluminum alloy’s recyclable, it is more and more favored by consumers.

With the improvement of people’s consumption concept, few people has simply pursued to pretend to be beautiful, installed out for others to see, more consumers are looking for environmental protection and health.House as a living property,the time people stay in it is the longest,so the health of living environment is getting more and more attention by people.Decoration of the environmental protection is mainly reflected in the environmental protection of materials, followed by is the construction of environmental protection, once again is the design of environmental protection.In fact, environmental protection is the material, we use aluminum alloy sheet in design, the environmental protection of our room will be higher.

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