First, the finished product inspection port for the gypsum and aluminum alloy bar, double aluminum side of the gypsum plaster repair hole prefabricated components, including the substrate in the mouth, Characterized in that the aluminum alloy wrapping is provided at the periphery of the cover plate and the edge of the package is attached to the upper edge of the movable mouth along the side of the edge.

Second, the finished product gypsum repair mouth is made of natural gypsum, fiber, aluminum alloy substrate, squeezed from curing products, the material has the following advantages:

1, easy installation: installation of the ceiling on the same of method of gypsum board.(As thick as gypsum board, mounted directly on light steel keel.)

2, high strength: with weather resistance and durability.

3, fire: A-class non-combustible materials to meet the needs of building fire safety.

4, aesthetics: and the ceiling material to form a whole, unlike the original artificial production of the mouth has a clear mark. Edge easy to handle, there will be no side of the phenomenon of uneven(with aluminum alloy edge).

5, the corner is not easy to crack(finished inspection port of the four sides are one).

6, easy to use: maintenance is simple to open, on special tools.

7, anti-mildew: In the high temperature environment, the repair port dense material makes mold difficult to breed, lifting many sound-absorbing material easy moldy phenomenon.

8, green: no asbestos, no radioactive.

Third, the main purpose: for the project ceiling repair mouth parts of the decoration, to facilitate the late sewer and line maintenance, to ensure the integrity of the ceiling. Applicable to office buildings, factories, schools, hotels, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets and home improvement.

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